“You came all the way to make us happy?”

With a team of four professionals we travel to camps, slums or asylum shelters where children are growing up in circumstances that are not helpful for a healthy development.

Within our theatre projects we use the power of play and creativity to build positive human connections based on respect and joy. Our method is interactive and trauma-sensitive, inviting children at the centre of the party!

When children play they do so much more than just have fun. It helps them to regulate emotions, express themselves and to grow and develop into healthy human beings.

Our projects have a pop-up character to minimise the risk of emotional dependency and when working in a hotspot we do not wish to contribute to the maintenance of these places.

We focus on Europe because we feel responsible for the troubles created by its policies. We feel the need to respond to the people knocking on our doors.


Not every kid gets the childhood it deserves. Some kids had to flee their home country because it was just too unsafe for them. Some kids end up in refugee camps, having traumas and remaining in survival mode. A huge lack of hope, of playing and laughters is far too often reality.

By making kids part of an imaginative experience, we boost these kids’ imagination and confidence

Who need it the most

For both our projects within the Netherlands and in camps or slums elsewhere in Europe we try to work with children ‘who need it the most’ to make the biggest impact. Meaning we try to go to places where for example there are limited basic needs, where children have no permanent or safe place to live or where children do not have the opportunity to engage in play and recreational activities.

What do we do?

When we arrive at a site we create an imaginary world filled with play and possibility. We wear white costumes, circularly designed by our costume maker. Empty canvases waiting to be coloured by children. We use the universal theme of ‘party’, starting with making festive backdrops and colourful bunting much needed for the show. We do simple and accessible theatre games that are full of energy, blow big bubbles to stimulate wonder. We use the gentle qualities of face painting: now children are ready for the show!

The show tells the story of two neighbours celebrating their birthday but it also is a story about inequality. The children contribute by making the sounds, playing a small role and most importantly, the show develops through the interactions with the audience. We use a framework but we never know how the story will change.