Changing Stories always visits a camp with four artists. Together we start out the week in white costumes, like living coloring pages. In time we will be colored in by the kids in the camp. For the rest of the week our team walks around like living, colorful artworks, bringing smiles on faces everywhere they go. The kids are the artists that bring color into the camp.

Bubble Blowing

What can be more magical than blowing giant bubbles in a dreary place?
Changing Stories brings sticks and a bucket full of bubble soap to blow magical bubbles with the kids, and anyone that likes the dreamy aspect of colorful bubbles flying anywhere.

Echo Well

Changing Stories is about children being seen and help in their development. What helps them to participate and to overcome traumas, is moving and making sounds all at the same time. It makes them aware of each other and be part of a group. Being part of a group makes a child feel stronger. So together we let it all out. We laugh as hard as we can, we yell, we make weird sounds, are angry, afraid, sad but mostly: happy.

Project Week

Changing Stories visits refugee camps in teams of four; all are professional performers and educators. It’s a flexible team that will always see what’s needed in the different settings. Every element of the project can be done in several places with different groups of kids. Starting point in every situation is to bring smiles, laughter, sparks of joy, creativity and imagination!


The Changing Stories play is a short happy story about two neighbors who are both celebrating their birthday. It’s about one having all, the other lacking all. It’s about jealousy, satisfaction and sharing. It’s a story in which the audience participates and decides what will happen next. It’s about kids changing the story. The story of the play and the story of their own lives. It’s about dreaming, hoping and seeing alternative futures. It’s about the power of imagination.


Decors are made by either kids or minors. The workshop starts out by the kids making drawings of their associations to the theme ‘party’. After the drawings are finished, they’ll be enlarged on wooden boards that will become the backdrops for the play. So, the story of the play changes as the kids decide what to make.

Face Painting

Traumatized kids long for contact and to be seen, and nothing is more fullfilling than having your face painted by a person who truly sees you. It’s not just the artwork, it is the soothing touch and that moment of one person paying attention to you.

Flag Line

A really great part of the Changing Stories project is making flag lines with the kids. Kids make the most beautiful drawings and paintings on big white flags
that we bring with us. Making the flag line is an expression of inner feelings and creativity. The painted flags will all together be hung around in the camps where the kids live. A happy decoration of a sad place that’s about sharing stories through art.