About us

Our mission

We stand against the injustice being done to children and minors who knock on the doors of our borders for safety and help. Through our colourful projects we empower children, using their creativity to gain a sense of control.

For a moment we shift the focus to what is possible.The impact immediately reflects in the reactions of the children and can last a lifetime. Together with children we create a new story.

Artists, theatre makers, clowns and art therapists

That’s what we are. Trained to work with displaced children and young people in a trauma-sensitive manner. We continuously educate our team on the context of the places we work in, psychotrauma and white-saviorism. In addition, we have monthly rehearsals in which we train our theatrical qualities and develop our artistic output.

Our team consists of professionals, each team member has their own qualities that contribute to the benefit of the team and the quality of our projects.

We are actively working towards becoming a more diverse team in terms of background and gender in order to create a team that consists of different role models for the children we work with.

Would you like to join our team? Leave us a note and we will let you know when the next auditions are!

Where the need is high

Changing Stories carries out projects both in the Netherlands and internationally in places where the need is high. To ensure this goal, we have established criteria to determine when a location meets these requirements.

Before we decide to travel to a location we use the criteria to measure in which location there is a high state of urgency for us to be. This could either be because there are no other organisations present to provide leisure and play, or because the circumstances in the specific are substandard.

Meet our team

Ensuring our work delivers our aims


For children that experienced trauma it is important to restore their sense of agency. Our projects have an open structure that not only welcomes but relies on the input of the participants. We invite participants to be both performer and maker of the performance. It is not us who are ‘Changing Stories’ or aiming to do so; we co-create imaginary stories that are open for change.


Our projects are pop-up. This means we visit sites for a short amount of time, so we can give 100% of our energy. Furthermore we stand actively against the existence of ‘refugee camps’ and when working in a hotspot we do not wish to contribute to the maintenance of these places.. Last and most importantly, we want to minimise the risk of emotional dependency and make sure there is no attachment between children and artists The children we work with are often vulnerable and we do not want to risk them getting attached to us and then leaving them – by which we believe we would do more harm than good.

Supervisory board

Our supervisory board oversees the implementation of the foundation’s strategic (multi-year) policies. It has an supportive and supervisory role for the management team of our foundation. Each member of the board provides oversight based on their own expertise and background, with a goal of achieving a balanced distribution of competencies.

The board discusses progress, establishes policies, budgets and annual reports. The board adheres to the principles of the Governance Code for Culture.

Introducing our board

Magda van Eck

Sjouke Ummels 

Chantal Berkers

Melchior Phillips

Frequently asked questions

Changing Stories is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering kids and minors growing up in refugee camps and slums throughout Europe. We work through theatre projects and use the power of creativity, play and imagination to uplift displaced children. We also provide workshops and training programmes designed to for participants to use their creative talents and to equip them to create positive social change.

As Europen citizens we feel responsible for the European policies, therefore we focus on refugee camps and slums throughout Europe and near Europes borders. At the moment we are mostly active in The Netherlands, France and Greece. In the past we have also visited countries such as Romania and Turkey. We wish to go there where the need is high, therefore we continually seek opportunities to expand our reach and impact, so our list of active countries may evolve over time. Do you wish to seek a collaboration with us? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

There are several ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer with us
  • Book us for a show or educational programme
  • Donate to support our projects
  • Spread the word about our work and mission
  • Join our supporters’ club and invest in our long-term goals 

You can support us financially by making a donation or becoming a member of our supporters’ club. Donations help us fund our theatre projects, workshops, and training programmes, enabling us to reach more children in need and make a greater impact. You can also consider leaving a legacy gift or organising a fundraising event on our behalf.

Yes, donations to Changing Stories Foundation are tax-deductible in accordance with local laws and regulations. If you join our supporters club and invest in our 5+ plan you can deduct your entire donation from your taxable income. If you want specific information regarding your situation please consult your tax advisor.

We measure our impact through various metrics, including the number of participants reached, feedback from participants and also visible changes in behaviour in kids. We regularly evaluate our projects and programmes to ensure they are effective and deliver our aims.

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media and visiting our website regularly. If you have specific questions or inquiries, you can contact us directly through the contact form on our website.

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