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In our experience in working with displaced children, we’ve encountered many unaccompanied minors navigating the camps and streets alone. These young individuals embark on dangerous journeys to safety without the support of their parents. Sadly, they’re often misunderstood or unfairly stigmatised. However, they’re simply young adults in need of understanding and assistance. We want to change this story by helping them express themselves, showcasing their inner world, dreams and hopes.

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why we do what we do

Theatre projects

Carefree play

Our goal is to create carefree moments with displaced children and provide them with a sense of agency. Within our theatre projects we use the power of play and creativity to build positive human connections based on respect and joy. Our method is interactive and trauma-sensitive, inviting children at the centre of the party. 

Because when children play they do so much more than just have fun. It helps them to regulate emotions, express themselves and to grow and develop into healthy human beings.

The power of imagination

Through our colourful projects we empower children, using their creativity to gain a sense of control. For a moment we shift the focus to what is possible. The impact immediately reflects in the reactions of the children and can last a lifetime. Together with children we create a new story. We see the children we work with as the humans they are and not as the single identity of being ‘a refugee’. Through our method we make sure that together with the children and everyone else involved at that moment in time we create a positive time and positive memories.

Increase resilience

Unpleasant memories can cause children to remain stuck in the past, hindering their ability to thrive in the present. Our approach shifts the focus to the here and the now, focussing on positive encounters and feeling a sense of belonging. In a situation filled with challenges, we shift the focus towards what is possible in this moment. Our aim is to ignite a collective sense of optimism and resilience, crafting moments to be cherished. These moments serve as a counterweight to negative memories, hoping to create a  wonderful experience that children can look back on with joy.

About us

We are Changing Stories. A group of professional performers and artists using the power of play and imagination to uplift children in refugee camps, slums and asylum shelters within Europe.

Many of these children are dealing with trauma due to war, violence or displacement. Through theatre and play we focus on joy and synchronicity to create carefree moments, to relieve tension and stimulate resilience.

With a team of four professionals we travel to places within Europe where children are growing up in circumstances that are not helpful for a healthy development.

How we educate our generation

As a Netherlands based organisation we have developed an educational programme for children and students in primary, secondary and higher education. The programme is built to share our experiences, to create awareness and to make a contribution to their citizenship.

We aim to humanise the people referred to as ‘refugees’. We hope to generate compassion and to inspire students to do something for the wellbeing of displaced people.

How to get involved

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What our partners say about us

"We experienced the transformative power of play during the visit to the camps in Turkey. Despite the difficult times these children found themselves in after recent earthquakes, your team brought joy and laughter into their lives. You have spread happiness."
"We all absolutely loved having you visit. We loved watching the children share their creativity and expression. You are a talented team of performers and really engage the children with your interactive activities, spreading solidarity and hope through the living site”
“You are great! You know how to relate with kids, you know how to use fun and to create bridges with them, without language you know how to send positive messages to them. Big thank you and we hope you continue to do what you do because you bring healing."

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