Awareness of the situation of kids in refugee camps is essential. We want to share our experiences with the world. We keep searching for durable and stimulating ways to create awareness. The more people know about the situation in the camps, the bigger the movement of changemakers can get. With our talks,workshops and other projects we want to give people insights in how they can make a difference, no matter how small. Everybody has a talent they can use to change some stories.

A few examples of projects that we developing now in the context of creating awareness:

Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories is an online platform for sharing arts projects with the focus on children who live and grow up in difficult circumstances. For exchange, questions, calls and inspiration. With this platform we hope to motivate and inspire other makers to use their talent in projects that support children growing up in harsh environments.


With our meet-ups we want to offer people insight in our projects and a way to share experiences. Together with the attendants we want to explore the power of imagination. We offer workshops in which we show and tell what imagination can do for vulnerable children and to encourage people to use their creativity for the greater good.