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We are not able to do what we do without people who believe in the value of our work and are willing to support it. With each €25 we are able to build an imaginary world of play and laughter with one child. You can make a one-time donation as often as you like.

Donate structurally

We need people who support us continuously. By a structural donation you enable us to really look into the future and to make more impact on children in need. You can choose whether to give monthly, each quarter or annually.

Donate via direct transfer

We have an ANBI status so your donations are tax deductible!

Changing Stories Foundation




Our promise to supporters


  1. Reach as many children as possible and create as much joy as we can.
  2. We strive to reach the children who need it most.
  3. We keep our costs as low as possible, aiming to spend money efficiently on what matters most: the children.

Campaign with us


Do you want to raise money in an original way? All small and large actions to raise money for Changing Stories are welcome. Be creative and do something that you enjoy yourself.

A few examples: camping in the garden, selling postcards, face painting, chalking, making music or organising a charity run, everything is possible!

Donate your time

You can also donate your time. We are always looking for fun-spirited people who can build a party with limited resources. Are you playful and do you have experience with social-theatre? Send an open-application with your CV and motivation.

Support our outfits

Last but not least, we are always looking for white sheets or clothes to make our colouring page-like costumes that will be made into real works of art.

Building the future of Changing Stories

plan 5+

Changing Stories has amassed a wealth of expertise over the years. We aim to preserve this unique knowledge and pass it on to the next generation of artists and theatre makers.

To maintain and pass on our expertise, we have a plan for the next five years. Our goal is to establish a strong foundation for both short and long term endeavours. In addition to executing our theatre projects, we aim to achieve two major impact ambitions:

  • Deepening and expanding our methodology.
  • Developing training and educational programmes for social-artistic education.

This growth will enable us to expand as an organisation and increase the impact of our theatre projects.


become a Supporter for plan 5+

We aim to be a lasting source of inspiration for anyone who wants to utilise the power of theatre for positive social change. It’s an exciting journey ahead. We don’t have extra funds to grow. All donations to Changing Stories go towards the execution of theatre projects. Therefore, we are seeking 50 supporters willing to invest development funds over five years. 

This will enable us to bring Plan 5+ to life and provide Changing Stories with a solid foundation for the future.

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