As a Netherlands based organisation we have developed an educational programme for children and students in primary, secondary and higher education. The programme is built to share our experiences, to create awareness and to make a contribution to their citizenship. We aim to humanise the people referred to as ‘refugees’.

We hope to generate compassion and to inspire students to do something for the wellbeing of their peers. Furthermore we aim to contribute to more inclusive classrooms in which there is attention for the situations of children who have had to deal with war and/or displacement.

 Primary and secondary education 

For our educational programme we always visit you with at least two Changing Stories artist-educators.
We start by talking about our projects; the challenges that displaced children face but also about resilience and how play and creativity contribute to this. We show video material, provide a workshop and/or perform our theatre show in the costumes made by children who participated in our projects.
By interactive methods we open an accessible conversation about values and rights. We also offer tools for teachers to continue the conversation.


Higher education and professionals

We mainly work with (arts in) education programmes and social studies as these students are the next generation of people working in socially engaged professions. In addition to what we offer in primary and secondary education we offer a theoretical framework about trauma and the effects of the arts. Furthermore we challenge them to (re)think how their own practice can positively impact society.
All our programmes are adjustable to the needs and wishes of your school. We have different workshops on offer and can make our programme vary in its duration, level and content.