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Connections between children all over the world are essential. A little awareness of what’s happening with kids in refugee camps can change the story of kids in our own countries as well. You can book us for workshops or a customized educational program. We work with kids at primary and secondary schools or wherever you would like to invite us. You can contact us for more info.


Changing Stories is a collective of theatremakers and artists, working with kids in refugee camps. To bring a little joy, a spark of hope and a lot of imagination to kids who are desperately in need for a new story.


Imagine a world without kids. Impossible, right? The freedom they have, the little sparks of joy, their open-mindedness and power of dreaming are keeping us on track and remind us of the way life’s sometimes supposed to be: boundless and joyful.
But: Too often kids aren’t just joyful and boundless. Especially kids from war zones went through terrible situations and saw more frightening things than most of us in our entire lives. That’s why we visit refugee camps to turn things the other way round: instead of them giving us hope and joy, we’re giving it back to them by making theatre, hope and imagination possible again.


Except for our projects in refugee camps, we’re telling the story of those in need all over the Netherlands and in every country you would like to have us. We’d love to come to your spot to share our experiences and tell how stories are being changed. You can contact us for more info.

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