What do we do


Changing Stories is a collective of theatremakers and artists, working with kids who are desperately in need of a new story. With our colorful workshops and shows we spark joy and provide a way out of the depressing situation in the camps. We take kids into a world filled with wonder and imagination, in which they can take the lead.


Too often kids aren’t as joyful as they should be. Kids that come from war zones and grow up in refugee camps are in survival mode and are severley compromised in their development. We want to offer these children a helping hand in taking back some control over their situation, by giving them tools to bring play and wonder back into their lives.


Awareness of the situation of kids in refugee camps is essential, and can change the story of kids in our own countries. We offer educational programs and workshops for kids in secondary school. Also we give workshops to train and inspire the future teachers, social workers and care givers. You can contact us for more info.


We want to share our experiences with the world. The more people know about the situation in the camps, the bigger the movement of changemakers can get. With our talks we want to give people insights in how they can make a difference, no matter how small. Everybody has a talent they can use to change some stories.

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