Emergency Theater!
We have an ambition: this year 2022 we want to reach more kids in need than EVER before with theater, imagination and ultimate joy!
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With our eyes on Ukraine and the terrible situation going on there as we speak, we are once more being reminded of kids on the move in Europe.

Kids with traumas, yet full of creativity. Young victims with horrible images etched in their minds for a lifetime still in need for joy and relief.

All across Europe displaced kids are residing in inhumane places in which they lack every form of play, laughter and imagination. Instead of stress, trauma and an ongoing survival mode, they deserve to imagine and play carelessly to strengthen their inner resilience.

we will surely continue our playful theater projects with displaced kids in Greece this year…

but also…
we’ll be heading towards Calais, focus on the situation on the Balkan and see where and when we can contribute to the needs of kids on the move from Ukraine right now.

Our mission?
Make theater shows with all these kids in need. Laughing, being creative and working together on a show in order to forget the harsh daily reality for a while. Building trust, positive experiences and good memories. And especially: having as much fun as we possibly can!

We need you to make our mission happen.
Do you want to contribute to the joy of these kids in need? Give how much you can spare; we need and use every single cent of it for laughter, theater, dance, bubbles and lots of imagination!

Together we can spark so much joy with kids in need.